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GAMSAT Ireland Scores, Results

How the GAMSAT is Scored

The GAMSAT is scored for each of the three sections individually. The sections consisting of multiple choice questions are first scored right or wrong resulting in a raw score. Note that wrong answers are worth the same as unanswered questions so ALWAYS ANSWER ALL THE QUESTIONS even if you are not sure of certain answers. The raw score is then converted to a scaled score ranging from 0 (lowest) to 100 (highest). Essentially, the scores are scaled to ensure that the same proportion of individual marks within each section are given from year to year (using Item Response Theory). The scaled score is neither a percentage nor a percentile. It is not possible to calculate the GAMSAT scoring system at home.

Section II is marked by three independent markers from each zone. A scale of 10 points is used. Should there be a difference of 5 or more in two scores then an additional marker will be used. Ultimately, the three closest scores are averaged for the Section II raw score which is then converted to a scaled score.

You will receive a score for each of the three sections, together with an Overall GAMSAT Score. The Overall Score is a weighted average of the three component scores.

The Overall GAMSAT Score is determined using the following formula:

Overall Score = (1 x Section I + 1 x Section II + 2 x Section III) ÷ 4

Standards for interviews or admissions may vary for both Sectional Scores and the Overall GAMSAT Score. For example, one particular medical school may establish a cutoff (minimum) of 50 or 55 for any given Section and 60 - or significantly higher - for the Overall GAMSAT Score. Contact individual programmes for specific requirements or see the relevant links below for our summaries of GAMSAT and GPA cutoffs and/or averages.

The GAMSAT may include a small number of questions which will not be scored. These questions are either used to calibrate the exam or were found to be either too ambiguous or too difficult to be counted or are trial questions which may be used in the future. So if you see a question that you think is off the wall, unanswerable or inappropriate for your level of knowledge, it could well be one of these questions so never panic! And of course, answer every question because guessing provides a 25% chance of being correct while not answering provides a 0% chance of being correct!

GAMSAT Scores in Ireland and the UK

GAMSAT scores are interchangeable and can be used to apply to any university that requires the GAMSAT. You may sit GAMSAT Ireland March 23, 2019 or GAMSAT UK September 11, 2019 to apply to any medical programme that requires this exam - irrespective of the country (i.e. Ireland, Australia or the UK). You must ensure that your scores have not expired if you are using a score from a previous sitting of the GAMSAT (i.e. GAMSAT scores cannot be more than two years old). Otherwise, you choose the GAMSAT score that you wish to submit for consideration for admissions. To examine some of the prerequisites for various medical schools/programmes, click here: Irish Medical Schools, UK Medical Schools.

As suggested above, since there is no limit to the number of times you can sit the GAMSAT, you may even choose to sit the exam twice in one year: for example, GAMSAT Ireland in March and then GAMSAT UK in September.

Any two tests on different examination dates will have, essentially, the same format; however, the great majority of the questions are different for each exam.

Average, Good and High GAMSAT Scores

Please keep in mind that the percentile rank indicates your test performance relative to all the students who sat the same test on the same day. It records the percentage of students whose scores were lower than yours.

Score Percentile Score
56-58 50th Average
61-63 75th Usually Good*
73 or Higher 98th Very High

*Please note, a "good" score may be good enough for admittance to one particular medical school but below the cutoff of another. Consult the websites of the medical institutions to which you intend to apply.

Ireland Medical Schools GAMSAT Scores
University College Dublin (UCD) - Graduate Entry Medicine GAMSAT Score Range 2016 - 59 – 72
University College Dublin (UCD) - Graduate Veterinary Medicine Programme There is no set cut off due to competition for places successful applicants have generally had a score in the 40's and above
Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI) - Graduate Entry Medicine As a guide, the minimum GAMSAT score on which students were admitted to RCSI in 2016 was 58.
*For candidates who meet the minimum GPA requirement, then the GAMSAT will be used as the sole selection criterion for the programme
University College Cork (UCC) - Graduate Entry Medicine The cut off GAMSAT score for 2017 entry is 58
University of Limerick - Graduate Entry Medicine 55
*For candidates who meet the minimum GPA requirement, then the GAMSAT will be used as the sole selection criterion for the programme

Note: GAMSAT scores may change somewhat from year to year.

An average GAMSAT score is often around 56-58 and a high GAMSAT score is over 65. Technically, the highest possible GAMSAT score is 100; however, only 0.1% of students score over 80. When you hear a student make the claim "I scored 100", they are usually rounding their percentile rank as opposed to providing the scaled score.

Please keep in mind when evaluating the statistics provided and the graphic: this data is meant to give you a general idea of the process. The numbers can vary somewhat from one exam sitting to another. And as mentioned previously, you cannot replicate the scoring system at home since there is no formula provided to convert raw scores into official GAMSAT scores.

Typical Overall GAMSAT Score Distribution (Approx.)

When are the scores released?

The next test date for GAMSAT Ireland and GAMSAT Australia will be March 2020, date TBA. The next test date for GAMSAT UK will be September 11, 2019. GAMSAT results are released within 2 months of sitting the exam. Candidates are emailed login information to access their personal results report. Should there be any changes to the exam dates or any other modifications, get the up to date information here: GAMSAT UK, GAMSAT Ireland and GAMSAT Australia.

The preceding information was adapted with permission from The Gold Standard GAMSAT Textbook. To learn about the book, the DVDs or the Complete Package, click here: GAMSAT books.

Past GAMSAT IRELAND Release Dates
Year March Sitting September Sitting
2019 May 10, 2019 Mid November 2019
2018 May 18, 2018 November 9, 2018
2017 May 18, 2017 November 10, 2017
2016 May 12, 2016 November 10, 2016
2015 May 11, 2015 November 12, 2015
2014 May 16, 2014 November 18, 2014
2013 May 17, 2013 November 19, 2013
2012 May 18, 2012 November 22, 2012

GAMSAT Ireland Test Centres

GAMSAT Ireland test centres are located in Dublin, Cork and Limerick. For an additional fee, it is possible to sit GAMSAT Ireland in the UK (London); in Melbourne, Australia; Dubai; Singapore or Washington, DC. Space at international locations is limited and allocated on a first come basis, so please register early.

GAMSAT UK Test Centres

GAMSAT UK Test centres are located in Bristol, Cardiff, London, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Birmingham and Sheffield in the UK (September). As described above, students applying to medical schools which accept the GAMSAT in the UK, Ireland or Australia can sit GAMSAT UK. Overseas testing centres are also available in Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane, Australia, and Dublin in Ireland. Space in Melbourne is limited and allocated on a first come basis, so please register early. Students in the UK can sit GAMSAT Ireland in London (March) to apply to any medical school that requires the GAMSAT in any of the UK, Ireland or Australia.

GAMSAT Australia Test Centres

In Australia, there is a GAMSAT testing centre in Townsville and in each of the capital cities of Australia (SydneyMelbourneCanberraBrisbaneAdelaidePerthHobartDarwin). GAMSAT test centres outside Australia include Wellington, New Zealand; London, UK; Dubai; Singapore and Washington, DC. There are no additional GAMSAT Australia test centers. There are supplementary fees for international locations. Space is limited and allocated on a first come basis, so please register early. If your chosen centre is no longer available, ACER will book your exam at the nearest available testing centre.

Washington & Singapore

Washington, DC in the US, Singapore and Dubai are the only international testing centers where you can sit the GAMSAT outside Australia, New Zealand, the UK and Ireland. Space at international locations is limited and allocated on a first come basis, so please register early. Currently, there are no GAMSAT test centers in Africa nor elsewhere in Europe, Asia or America besides the testing centers already described above. ACER is not expecting any change in this policy but if you are hoping otherwise, email ACER directly.

Free GAMSAT Practice Test

Last year, students asked us to combine GAMSAT sample questions into a practice test. We went one further and created a free sample test with instant online access and including many features such as automated scoring of multiple choice sections; worked solutions containing forum links for further discussion; and finally, 1 hour of science review videos. To learn more or to register: Free GAMSAT Practice Test.

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