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Graduate Entry Medicine (GEM) requirements, GAMSAT and GPA cut off score

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GAMSAT Scores and Admission Requirements for Medicine in Ireland and the UK.

GAMSAT scores are interchangeable and can be used to apply to any university that requires the GAMSAT. You may sit GAMSAT Ireland March 17-30, 2021 or GAMSAT UK September 3-16, 2021 to apply to any medical programme that requires this exam - irrespective of the country (i.e. Ireland, Australia or the UK). You must ensure that your scores have not expired if you are using a score from a previous sitting of the GAMSAT (i.e. GAMSAT scores cannot be more than two years old). Otherwise, you choose the GAMSAT score that you wish to submit for consideration for admissions. To examine some of the prerequisites for various medical schools/programmes, click here: Irish Medical Schools, UK Medical Schools.

As suggested above, since there is no limit to the number of times you can sit the GAMSAT, you may even choose to sit the exam twice in one year: for example, GAMSAT Ireland in March and then GAMSAT UK in September.

Any two tests on different examination dates will have, essentially, the same format; however, the great majority of the questions are different for each exam.

GAMSAT Ireland Test Centres

GAMSAT Ireland test centres are located in Dublin, Cork and Limerick. For an additional fee, it is possible to sit GAMSAT Ireland in the UK (Liverpool, London and Derry/Londonderry, NI); in Melbourne, Australia; Singapore or Washington, DC. Space at international locations is limited and allocated on a first come basis, so please register early.

GAMSAT UK Test Centres

GAMSAT UK Test centres are located in Cardiff, London, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Sheffield in the UK and Derry/Londonderry Northern Ireland (September). As described above, students applying to medical schools which accept the GAMSAT in the UK, Ireland or Australia can sit GAMSAT UK. Overseas testing centres are also available in Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Dubbo and Sydney, Australia, and Dublin in Ireland. Students in the UK can sit GAMSAT Ireland in London (March) to apply to any medical school that requires the GAMSAT in any of the UK, Ireland or Australia.

GAMSAT Australia Test Centres

In Australia, there is a GAMSAT testing centre in Townsville, Dubbo and in each of the capital cities of Australia (Sydney • Wollongong • Ballarat • Melbourne • Canberra • Brisbane • Adelaide • Perth • Hobart • Darwin • Dubbo • Townsville), GAMSAT test centres outside Australia include Wellington, New Zealand; Liverpool, London, UK and Derry/Londonderry, NI; Singapore and Washington, DC. There are no additional GAMSAT Australia test centers. There are supplementary fees for international locations. Space is limited and allocated on a first come basis, so please register early. If your chosen centre is no longer available, ACER will book your exam at the nearest available testing centre.

Washington & Singapore

Washington, DC in the US, Singapore and Dubai are the only international testing centers where you can sit the GAMSAT outside Australia, New Zealand, the UK and Ireland. Space at international locations is limited and allocated on a first come basis, so please register early. Currently, there are no GAMSAT test centers in Africa nor elsewhere in Europe, Asia or America besides the testing centers already described above. ACER is not expecting any change in this policy but if you are hoping otherwise, email ACER directly.

To examine some of the prerequisites for various medical schools/programmes in the UK and Australia, click here: UK Medical Schools Australia Medical Schools Irish Medical Schools

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